Company Info

OpticaSpace, a division of AA Portable Power Corporation 
is a joint venture of several manufacturers of optics and LED products as well as ZC gemstones. Our staff have more than 10- year experience for making and marketing electronics and optics products.

After reviewing our web site, please do not be surprised by the extreme low price of our binmoculars, monocular, spotting scope, telescope, LED lamps, and gemstones. This is because you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Through your own effort in Internet search, you have cut off many distribution channels and earned your own labor. As you know, a product cost will increase three to ten times due to the complicated distribution network.

Internet has brought tremendous changes to sales and distribution, especially for electronic and optical products. In order to catch up with this trend, has built this online shopping web site for retailers and end users, and returned profit to customers, just like YOU!

Please go ahead and shop our products online with 100% confidence. Welcome to email, or fax for inquires, quote or feedback. We provide customers with secured payment system and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We promise to respond your concerns within 24 hours.

All products directly from manufacture(s). High quality with excellent price and bring people to nature.

OpticaSpace / AA Portable Power Corp.
2700 Rydin Road
Unit C
Richmond, CA 94804, USA